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If you are doing a “yoga workout” you are not practicing yoga

Yoga isn't a workout. The benefits of fitness, health, and mobility one experiences are lovely; however, those benefits are not what yoga is primarily about. ⁠

Yoga is a largely internal spiritual discipline leading the practitioner towards connection, unity, and oneness. ⁠It is a spiritual practice that *includes* physical activity.⁠

The west has co-opted this practice and turned it into a fitness trend and fad with āsana - like moves and "workouts" that borrow heavily (and profit!) from Eastern traditions without giving back.⁠

This is a philosophy, a spiritual discipline, and a sacred practice from South Asia, rooted in indigenous ways of being and knowing. ⁠

Our people have been doing these practices for thousands of years. It is not ok to devalue and change the meaning of yoga.⁠ I believe it is time to start valuing these traditions. Will you join me in this recognition?⁠

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