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Teaching myself

I am a teacher. I teach yoga, which includes teaching my culture. I spend time in classrooms, or speaking in front of groups of people, and more recently in online spaces, educating folks about my heritage and traditions. Opening minds through education is a joyful undertaking.⁠

It is also a way to reclaim my culture and traditions. So much was stolen during the violent colonial occupation of my ancestral lands. In this small way, I remember who I am and where I came from.⁠

It's also a way to assert myself as a person with a marginalized identity. There is space in the west for culture and heritage to exist. We don't have to bury our traditions to "fit in" nor do we have to ignore our identity to belong. ⁠

Lastly, I teach for the sake of my children, to pass down wisdom traditions. I wish for them to see me standing in front of a room proudly sharing our customs and culture - as my parents once did. I hope my children and their classmates learn to appreciate, embrace, and respect their own unique ancestral traditions, no matter where they come from. <3 ⁠

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