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Welcome to Yoga with Aarti


 Hi, I'm Aarti! I'm here to help you experience the joy of yoga using simplified classical teachings for modern times.

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Yoga is a way of life

Much of the yoga we encounter is centred around poses; however, the sacred yogic tradition is a rich practice with many parts including:

  • Āsana  (postures)

  • Prāṇāyāma  (breathing techniques), 

  • Nourishment ( Āyurvedic lifestyle and diet)

  • Dhyana (meditation)

  • Yoga nidrā (deep relaxation)

  • Kriyas (cleansing practices)

  • Philosophy and study of texts


Sea Shore

Live Yoga Classes Online

Meditating on Beach

Hatha Yoga Classes


Asana, Pranayama, Meditation. 

Meditating on Beach

Sadhana Mentorship


Through one-on-one mentoring, you will learn how to navigate life’s challenges using traditional yogic philosophy and practices.

Meditating on Beach
Meditating on Beach

Speaking & Workshops


I am a passionate teacher of classical yoga and advocate for care and equity in yoga and wellness spaces. I would love to speak at your next event. 

Meditating on Beach

Wellness for the Workplace


Yoga can help create mental focus, stress-relief and mindfulness

Kundalini Yoga Outside
Meditating on Beach

Guides & More


Can't make it to my live classes?

Shop all my yoga resources including, guided asana & meditations.

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