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Teaching yoga in the spirit of service is ENLIVENING

When I teach with the intention of service to humanity, there is an unlimited amount of energy flowing in the direction of that service. ⁠

Karma Yoga or the yoga of selfless service reminds us that all actions, big or small can be undertaken as an offering to the Universe. That we can perform our duties while renouncing the actions, or fruits of the action. ⁠

That means, do the 'thing', without expecting any particular result from it. Just do it, with love, integrity and with the intention of service, speaking from an honest place within yourself. ⁠

Teaching from the lens of service allows for detachment and release of the desire for reward. It makes things easier, brighter, energized and free. There is an ease with this approach, and things just flow.⁠

The principle of service can be applied to many aspects of our lives, we can act with the lens of service as we do dishes, as we sweep the floor, provide for our families etc. Karma yoga is about doing the task without any desire for a specific outcome.

If there are dishes in the sink in the kitchen, consider taking on the task as service, to yourself, to your family, to the divine. Give it away, everything that you have attached to that task. With that letting go comes a kind of freedom and peace of mind. There might even be a rush that comes with that freedom. We don’t need to hold on to it any more <3

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