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A reminder...⁠

One of the many ways that this tradition is beautiful, is in the way we approach looking at ourselves. In this tradition we see ourselves as the inner “Self” which is beautiful and complete. We do not see ourselves as broken or a flawed self that needs to be repaired.

I often remind myself, and my students, that we are not broken selves that need fixing.⁠

We are full, complete, and necessary.⁠

And when we forget, let us try and remember that our true nature, anchor, and home space is wholeness.⁠

The practices of meditation and yoga are meant to (re)connect us to this place of wholeness within us.⁠

Uncovering these veils takes time, dedication and practice. There are many layers to peel away and healing is often required. That piece is often missing in the west. The assumption that we are beautiful and perfect is true, but to get there, we need to have discipline, face ourselves and be willing to stick out the journey - which can sometimes be challenging.

Spirituality is not a tool we use to fix something that is broken; rather, it is a journey of discovery and recognition of our true selves.⁠

The practice of yoga is about coming home to ourselves.⁠

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