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Does a fitness tracker help your practice?

Loves, what if we removed the watches that track “progress” when we practice yoga āsana?

After all, what does progress in yoga mean?

Yoga isn’t about calories counted, in or out.

Yoga isn’t about steps, distance or measurements.

The fitness device binds us to parameters that measure success according to fitness culture norms - It may have value to you in those spaces. However, yoga measures success and progress differently.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline. Yoga is a dive through the body to get to yourSELF. That process can’t be tracked with a device, nor can it be measured externally.

Indeed, practicing yoga will slow your breath rate and lower the heart rate. Both are side effects and can be observed with your awareness and attention.

Progress comes from the internal practice - your peace of mind, stillness, connection and your awareness.

Take off your watch and feel the freedom that comes from or treating yoga as it should be treated - a spiritual discipline instead of a “workout”.

What do you think?

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